Samsung Galaxy Note 9 debuts in white for the holidays, but not in the US

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Up until a few years ago, an all-white color option was commonplace on just about every flagship smartphone. But that’s no longer the case; Apple’s devices have replaced white with silver, while other manufacturers moved on to different shades of the color spectrum altogether. It seems enough time has passed, however, for white to be considered a fresh new color option, as that’s what Samsung is going with for the Galaxy Note 9.

In the months following the debut of its latest phones, Samsung often releases new color variants to improve sales and entice any remaining customers that have been on the fence. What’s surprising this time is that the newest option is a simple, clean white. Officially dubbed “First Snow White,” the Galaxy Note 9 variant was announced in Taiwan this week.

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The device will be released in early December at a price of NT$30,900, or roughly $999 US, and while it features the same specs as the existing Note 9 it does include a matching all-white S Pen. The bad news is that Samsung’s latest color option appears to be a region-specific release. That’s right, there’s currently no plans for the white Note 9 to be released outside of Taiwan.

Samsung says the First Snow White Note 9 is being released to commemorate Taiwan’s first snowfall of the year, which explains why the color is being used as a special variant limited to the country. But that doesn’t mean it won’t make its way to other regions eventually, which is what Samsung has done numerous times in the past. If you’re in the US, it would probably be best to start keeping an eye out in early 2019.

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