Pokemon GO Kyogre raid guide: The best counters, moves, and monsters

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If you’re all about finding the best water-type Pokemon in the game Pokemon GO, now’s your best chance – perhaps ever! Right this minute the Pokemon GO Raid Battle circuit is teeming with Kyogre, but the legendary Pokemon is far from the easiest boss to beat. If you’re going to go out and attempt to beat Kyogre in a raid battle at your local Pokemon Gym, you’d best bring a friend – or better yet, six or more friends to help.

The worst possible Pokemon you can bring to a Kyogre battle are those with ground, fire, and rock-types. Don’t go jumping in with a geodude, ok? You might also want to avoid rolling with any grass types, as a couple of Kyogre’s moves decimate grass types with ice!

The best Pokemon for the fight include a whole lot of Lightning, Thunder, and one whole heck of a lot of Electric. The ONE recommended Pokemon with a relatively significant weakness against Kyogre is Roserade, what with the grass and all, but that razor Leaf packs a punch nonetheless!

List of best Pokemon against Kyogre in Pokemon GO:
• Magnezone with Wild Charge and Spark!
• Luxray with Wild Charge and Spark! (is there an echo in here?)
• Raiku with Wild Charge and Thunder Shock!
• Electrivire with Wild Charge and Thunder Shock!

As should be extremely plain to see, Kyogre doesn’t take the ol’ Wild Charge very well – that electric weakness is a beast. Then there’s the Spark or the Thunder Charge, both of which end up doing around the same amount of damage over the same period of time – it’s just about how many times you have to tap!

Another version of Raiku you could potentially work with has Volt Switch and Wild Charge. You could also do well with a Zapados with Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt, or a Mewtwo with Confusion and Thunderbolt or Psycho Cut and Thunderbolt – they’ll all get the job done!

NOTE on the artwork: The illustration above was done by NChikaGFX and released with DeviantArt. This artist did a whole lot of Pokemon illustrations that are just as vibrant. Check them out as well!

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