NBA 2K19 is so realistic it now shows unskippable ads

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Some games like Minecraft are perfectly fine with stylized graphics. Others, however, want to be as close to reality as possible. That’s probably nowhere truer than with sports games, considering they pretty much try to recreate reality as faithfully as they can. It seem that 2K Games has gone over and beyond photorealistic graphics and is making NBA 2K19 as close to reality as possible, including the commercials.

Ads in games aren’t exactly new but that’s a plague that burdens mobile games more than any other platform. It’s almost practically unheard of in PCs and consoles though some publishers have resorted to loading screens to display static ads. In most cases, ads in non-mobile games are either transient or at least skippable.

Reddit user afilathiel, however, discovered that was no longer the case for at least one game: NBA 2K19. Others on the forum chimed in and had rather colorful words for the game and its publisher. Their one and only complaint: the game now has unskippable ads. Not that the game didn’t have ads before but it now seems to have been taken a step further.

Ads in games are often justified as a source of income for a free game. NBA 2K19, however, originally costs $60 and in the mobile world, you can pay your way out of ads for good. This game did get a hefty discount down to $3 perhaps in an attempt to lure in more players to NBA 2K20 this September.

There is a way to disable those ads for good by disabling the 2K TV feature but it’s not a well-known “fix”. For the rest of the game’s players, it is pretty much a fact of life imposed upon them for seemingly no reason at all.

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