More Google Stadia details are coming at Gamescom 2019

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Google Stadia has become one of the hottest news in the gaming industry, at least one that doesn’t have a lot of controversies attached to it. The game streaming platform is set to launch in a few months and there are still some details left unknown. Those details, or at least some of them, may be coming in two weeks’ time when Google takes the stage just before Gamescom commences to hold its next Stadia Connect presentation.

You’d hardly expect Google to be attending gaming conferences but ever since Stadia, formerly Project Stream, that was exactly the case. Google is a bit of an unlikely gaming company, even though it does have its fingers in a few areas in gaming thanks to Android and Google Cloud. With Stadia, however, Google is diving head on into the gaming market.

Naturally, that has raised some questions not just about the technical aspects of Google’s game streaming service but also about the legal aspects of the distribution. In particular, gamers are wondering whether they will lose access to titles they bought when publishers or developers pull out their products. Google assures that, unlike a “Netflix for Games”, gamers will actually be buying games and keep ownership of those titles.

In a recent AMA, Google also answered some technical questions, including the support for Bluetooth audio from the controllers. That’s going to be the case but not immediately. With most of those questions out of the way, the lingering ones will be the titles that will launch together with Stadia and, of course, their performance.

Google promises that its Gamescom conference on August 19 will all be about games. The YouTube video above will go live once the event starts at 10 AM PDT. Those games will, of course, set the tone for the service’s launch and whether it will appeal to gamers.

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