Marvel is about to launch 25 original superhero audiobooks

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Marvel has tapped Dreamscape Media to turn a number of its comic books into audiobooks, the company has announced. The audiobooks will be made under a multi-book agreement, Dreamscape said in an announcement on Thursday. The project will result in around 25 audiobooks featuring ‘classic and iconic prose stories’ from Marvel’s vast library, including multiple notable characters from the Marvel universe.

Audiobooks, arguably thanks to the renewed popularity of podcasts, are once again trendy. We’ve seen a growing number of audiobook products, the most notable possibly being Audible’s original dramatizations, including its Alien series. Marvel, having already dominated the box office, is making a move into the audio market with ‘nearly’ 25 original audiobooks featuring the Hulk, Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the X-Men, among others.

According to Dreamscape Media, it will produce, publish, and distribute the audiobooks on Marvel’s behalf. Individuals in the US will be able to listen to the audiobooks for free through hoopla digital, which works with public libraries.

Dreamscape didn’t provide the specific titles Marvel selected for its audiobook project, but did reveal some of the industry professionals who will be involved, including Marv Wolfman, Tony Isabella, David Michelinie, and Peter David. Individuals who want to own the audiobooks or who lack library cards will also be able to purchase the content through Audible, Amazon, Overdrive, and other sellers.

The companies didn’t reveal the expected prices for these audiobooks and it remains unclear how long it will take for the entire catalog to drop. However, assuming everything goes according to plan, Dreamscape Media said its Marvel audiobooks will arrive beginning in September.

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