Harry Potter Wizards Unite spell energy fix and iPhone error

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Today there’s a fix in the mix for the first major issue in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. There’s a very apparent lack of spell energy in the world, and the issue is greater than that of the time when I could not catch that Snorlax because I could not find enough Pokeballs no matter how hard I tried – I swear! Niantic replied to the issue in the US and UK in a message this weekend.

Developers at Niantic made a change to the game this weekend without much major public notice. The changes came not long after the initial launch of the game – where a significant number of new players all had pretty much the same complaint. How can I be an effective wizarding superstar if I can’t find enough spell energy with which to cast my spells?

“We’ve received great feedback from our beta and US and UK players about Spell Energy in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite,” said a Niantic representative. “Thank you for your notes and thoughts here! We are making the following changes to the game!”

According to the representative of Niantic, they’ll soon be bringing up the Spell Energy given to new players from 25 to 50. If you’ve already started playing Harry Potter Wizards Unit, this probably won’t much effect your current game. If you start over, however… that’s on you.

The next change is in the amount of Spell Energy each player gets from each Inn and Greenhouse. The amount has gone up an unspecified amount. Anything is better than nothing, I suppose!

Users will find that the amount of Spell Energy gained from Daily Assignments has been increased just a bit, as well. From the “collect an ingredient of portmanteau” bit of the game you’ll get 10 spell energy instead of the teeny tiny 5 in the game at launch.

UPDATE: iOS users have a KNOWN ISSUE in the mix. An apparent “small number of players” on iOS devices attempting to make real-money purchases have found that purchasing the same item twice might pull up an error.

This error apparently only occurs if you’ve made a purchase of a House Pride bundle from Diagon Alley*, then another purchase of a House Pride bundle from Diagon Alley with a different Facebook or Google account on the same physical device. For now, you should probably avoid doing that altogether.

In the near future, Niantic should have some sort of fix for the issue for all those people who play in groups – like tiny families – on the same device. They’ve got their eye on you! *NOTICE: This is not the same as the Diagon Alley Reddit community, but the in-game store. Save that cash!

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