Google+ shutting down in April, will take content down with it

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Google+ has had a long life, actually longer than anyone expected. What was supposed to be Google’s social hub almost turned into a ghost town, populated only by Google and Android developers. It was really only a matter of time and Google+ will finally be shutting down in April, at least for consumers. Before that happens, however, users might have to remember to pack up their stuff and move out first.

Google+’s shutdown for consumers will be total and irrevocable. Come April 2nd, anyone with a Google+ account or a Google+ page will no longer be able to access them. More importantly, however, all content you’ve ever uploaded, be it photos, videos, or files, will be deleted as well. So the remaining few users will have to download their content before that day arrives.

Apps and services that make use of Google+ API, including Sign-in and OAuth, also have to mind their deadline. While APIs will completely shut down on March 7, some might already start to fail beforehand. Of course, this doesn’t affect the more general Google Sign-in API.

In contrast to what Google is doing for its Hangouts shutdown, it is keeping Google+ alive for G Suite users. You know, those who pay for the service. That said, it’s probably only a matter of time before Google sunset Google+ here as well, though it will have to think of a migration strategy before it does.

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