Google Maps will start showing users welcome offers from stores

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Google has introduced an update to its ‘Google My Business’ tools, adding multiple improvements that help business owners attract users and, as a result, enhance the experience for Google Maps users looking for new destinations. The update increases Google Maps’ competition with Facebook Pages, improving the user experience and adding welcome offers for new business followers.

Google Maps has evolved into more than just a navigation app over the years, making it possible for users to find very specific destinations and immediately access a variety of information related to them. These business listings have expanded over the years, and for companies that fully utilize them, the listings may include things like full menus and prices.

Google already offered the ability to ‘follow’ businesses, which ensures users get updates related to the companies they’re most interested in. Under its new update, Google has enabled these businesses to provide welcome offers, such as special discounts, to Google users who follow the company.

In addition, Google’s update makes it possible for businesses to instantly add and prominently display images on a new dynamic module found on company’s Profile. In the near future, Google says it will also add photo captions for these images so that context can be added to them.

Other improvements include the launch of a new website where companies can order and download custom offline materials, more prominently displayed logos for business listings that have complete core information like phone number and hours, support for cover photos, and the introduction of shorter names and URLs.

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