ecobee SmartThermostat and SmartSensor upgrades sighted

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ecobee may be gearing to release new products really soon but it might not be what some of the company’s fans have been hoping for. It was rumored last month that the home automation company is preparing to launch its first ever indoor camera. That may still be coming but, apparently, it will be preceded by an upgrade to its existing thermostat and sensor products that actually bring substantial new features to the line-up.

There will be no number appended to this new smart home products and Zatz Not Funny jokingly refers to it as an Apple approach. Instead, the “all-new SmartThermostat with Voice Control” and “SmartSensor” will be distinguished by “Smart” in its name and their all-new design.

The all-new ecobee SmartThermostat’s change in design is almost subtle. Instead of glossy plastic, the company has opted to use a “crisp glass finish” for added protection as well. The SmartSensor’s transformation is more conspicuous, expanding its body into a slightly more circular form, almost like a CRT monitor of old. The site also mentions that it will have a magnetic base that, unlike its predecessor, will allow for more placement options inside the house.

The changes inside, however, are more substantial. There’s the promise of improved connectivity, via dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the SmartThermostat, but there are also software features as well. Spotify Connect makes its way to the ecobee and so does Alexa’s full skills, including Calling, Messaging, and Drop In.

Given that Lowe’s already has the product page up, it probably shouldn’t take long for ecobee to make it official. It is priced at 329 CAD, which brings it close to the $249 of the ecobee4. Whether those software features will make it to older thermostat models, however, remains to be seen and could probably be part of the company’s upcoming announcement.

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