Destiny 2 could be Google Stadia’s big test, cross-saves also coming

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Back when it was still called Project Stream, Google’s cloud-based gaming service lured in testers with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. In the coming days, the company is expected to announce final details about its Stadia service and perhaps some of the games that will be available on it. Bungie, however, might be dropping some big news before that, revealing two ground-breaking changes coming to Destiny 2 in its next major expansion.

Destiny 2 is already available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 but, unless you have a beefy gaming laptop, you’re pretty much forced to stay at home to play it. Gaming on the go with any laptop, or maybe even just a Chromebook, is the biggest promise being made by Google Stadia and Destiny 2 will be the next biggest test of that promise.

Stadia, formerly known as Project Stream, already ran Assassin’s Creed Odyssey satisfactorily. But a single-player game, even if graphics-intensive, is one thing. A real-time online-only graphics-intensive game, delivered at 4K 60p, is quite another and is an even bigger test of responsiveness and latency. And according to Kotaku, that’s exactly what will happen soon.

“You’ll soon be able to transfer your Destiny 2 progress between multiple platforms: Xbox, PC, and the streaming service Google Stadia, on which the popular loot shooter will launch this fall,” says the gaming news outlet. Acute readers and Destiny 2 fans will also notice something big in that statement. Cross-saves, the ability to play on whatever platform you want without having to start from scratch, might also be coming at long last.

That, however, comes with a few possible caveats. “PlayStation 4 remains up in the air”, says Kotaku, which isn’t surprising. Cross-save might also come via a Google Stadia subscription only. We’ll know soon enough when Bungie and, later on, Google dump their big news in the coming days.

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