Black Mirror mini-episodes arrive on YouTube starting May 26

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Black Mirror fans will receive a treat in the form of miniature episodes Netflix plans to release on its Latin America YouTube channel starting today, May 26. The mini-series will feature very short episodes released over coming days, ultimately leading up to the show’s Season 5 premiere on Netflix next month. As with Season 5, the new mini-series will only feature three episodes.

Black Mirror is a British TV show that first aired in 2011, presenting viewers with standalone episodes often compared to a modern twist on The Twilight Zone. The show made the transition to Netflix years ago, where it continues to live with both new seasons and the relatively recent launch of a movie called Bandersnatch.

To promote the show’s fifth season, Netflix will release a mini-series comprised of three episodes on its Latin America YouTube channel on May 26, June 2, and June 6. The mini-series, which was first spotted by Variety, will be called “Little Black Mirror.” The company tapped Rudy Mancuso to direct the three short episodes.

It’s unclear what each of the short episodes will present, as well as their duration, though they’re described as very short. The last will arrive the day after the show’s Season 5 premiere on Netflix, indicating that it may have some sort of tie-in with the new episodes that’ll be released next month. The first mini-episode is expected to arrive some time today.

Netflix has a number of actors on board for its Black Mirror Season 5, including Topher Grace, Miley Cyrus, Andrew Scott, and others. Because Black Mirror is now a Netflix Original, the new episodes will be available starting on June 5 in all regions where Netflix is offered.

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