Apple tipped in acquisition of asthma monitoring startup Tueo Health

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Apple has reportedly acquired Tueo Health, a startup that was developing an asthma monitoring system intended for use with sleeping children. The alleged business move may have happened in late 2018, at least based on a new report citing an unnamed source with knowledge of the matter. The acquisition may hint at a future addition to Apple’s own health efforts.

Apple has not confirmed the alleged acquisition, which was leaked by CNBC. According to the report, someone with knowledge about the alleged business deal tipped that happened, but apparently didn’t provide any additional details, including when the transition occurred and what it cost Apple.

The report points out that Tueo Health’s co-founder Bronwyn Harris and the company’s then-COO Anura Patil changed their LinkedIn profiles’ respective employment details from Tueo to Apple in late 2018. The updated profiles hint at the validity of the acquisition claim, as well as when the alleged business deal may have happened.

The small startup had tasked itself with developing a mobile app that would work with sensor-based hardware to monitor the asthma symptoms in a sleeping child. If the child’s breathing changed while they were asleep, the system would send an alert to their parents or caregivers, helping ensure they received the attention and care needed.

Apple has notably focused on health-related products itself, including its Health app for iPhones and the latest Apple Watch with a built-in echocardiogram and fall detection, among other things. Assuming the acquisition claim is accurate, Apple may proceed to offer a standalone product in a way similar to its Beddit offering, or it may have simply been interested in the tech and talent at the startup.

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